High Tea

A tea party, tea for two… or just a cup of tea for a cold afternoon at home.

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Inspiration Party from celebrationsathomeblog.com

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Tea Set from johnlewis.com

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Tea Cookies from tumblr.com

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Fall Tea from apaperaeroplane.tumblr.com

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Ourdoor Tea Party from brabournefarm.blogspot.com

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Tea + Sweets Table from snowybliss.blogspot.com


 Vailima Maison de Thé – General Pardiñas 54, Madrid

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English Tea Set from luxeandlillies.blogspot.com



2 thoughts on “High Tea

  1. Que simpáticas las galletas en forma de bolsita de té..sin duda, una original manera de sorprender a alguien si le invitas a una taza de té.

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